Sunday, 21 August 2011

Amazing Chocolate Cake

Back in June it was Father's Day and my Dad's Birthday. After making my Mum both birthday and Mothers day cakes I had been promising my Dad that I would bake him something too. Unfortunately, we were away on holiday for Father's Day and couldn't get the time off work to see him on his birthday. So a few weeks ago we decided we would visit for a long weekend..perfect opportunity to bake a cake for my Dad!

I've made this cake before for Karl's birthday and blogged about it then. It really is a gorgeously moist cake and tastes amazing with a bit of cream on the side! Its a Nigella recipe but I've changed the filling and topping to chocolate butter cream...I'm a tad obsessed with butter cream!

If you've read my past posts you'll know that I've just passed my driving test and am slowly getting used to driving on my own. A major major achievement was made on the trip to my parents - I drove the whole way there....3 whole hours on the motorway. It was scary and tiring but I felt so proud of myself for doing it. I still smile now when I think about it! For poor Karl it was rather traumatic - he not only had the job of helping me with driving on the motorway but also hanging onto the cake and a huuuge bunch of flowers that I had bought my Mum to say thanks for the car. The poor guy couldn't move an inch! Luckily the cake and the flowers got there in one piece and at about half ten we sat down to a big slab of cake and some cream each!