Thursday, 27 May 2010

Cupcakes on Junior Apprentice

Did anyone see Junior Apprentice last night???

The 3rd task that Lord Sugar set for the teams was a cupcake related task! Well....everyone knows i love all things cupcake related so this was the perfect episode for me. It was also the first episode i actually got to enjoy in full due to Jamie Oliver's series sadly finishing last week. On previous weeks i could be found with remote in hand flicking between channel 4 during the adverts and bbc 1 to catch snippets of Junior Apprentice.

Anyway...back to last night.... the teams were asked to decorate and sell cupcakes from stalls in Selfridges in London. Each team had to come up with a theme for their cupcakes and then decorate their cupcakes in the style of these themes. Team Instinct went for a fashion theme using decorations to look like pearls etc on the cupcakes....i must admit...a rather difficult theme to pull off with simple decorations and this was shown in the result as Instinct were unfortunately the losing team...although this could also be put down to a lack of support and enthusiam for the team leader.

Team Revolution went for an I Heart theme which was fab. Although the icing skills of the team werent amazing the I Heart theme worked really well on the cupcakes and the simple, red, black, white and pink colours of the decorations looked really good!

There were also plenty of shots of several cupcake shops in and around London and prettily decorated cupcakes while the teams were doing their market research. I dont know about you but it definately made me want to get my mixing bowls and my icing bag out and get creative...but sadly at 10pm at night and with a lack of eggs in my fridge I had to accept it was sadly time for bed and not baking!

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