Sunday, 17 July 2011

Oreo Cupcakes...again!

This weekend has been an odd sort of weekend. Its one year since my gran died. I still miss her terribly and wanted to do something in memory of her. Going to the grave seemed awfully depressing so on friday I bought a huge box of her fave chocs and we drove up to Fairhaven Lake in Lytham (one of her fave places)and sat in the car (we wanted to go for a walk but it was raining!) and ate a huuuge amount of chocolate. It was a great way to remember her...just wished I could have shared the chocs with her.

Saturday, Karl disappeared off out to a stag do so I had the place to myself...I made sure I had stocked up on girly movies and plenty of food and snacks. I had a fab evening to myself eating yummy food.

Anyway..back to baking! I love all things oreo as you may or may not know and it appears so do the lads at karls work! As a sort of wedding present to the aforementioned stag I agreed I would make a batch of orea cupcakes...


  1. Yum! The frosting looks superb.

  2. The idea wwth oreo is great.And from teh pics I can gather you loved your gran very much:)