Sunday, 29 January 2012

Iced Butterfly Cookies

I treated myself to a Peggy Porschen book with my birthday money 'Peggy's Favourite Cakes & Cookies'. I was so impressed with the cookies decorated with royal icing I couldn't wait to have a go myself.

The cookies in the book are absolutely beautiful and full instructions are given on how to make the cookies and then the different consistencies of icing needed to decorate them.

I've only ever used royal icing once before when decorating a large cake to put little dots all over it so that doesnt really count at basically I was a complete novice! I actually thought I was pretty ok at piping since I pipe butter cream onto cupcakes allll the time. However, ask me to pipe an outline onto a cookie...the pressure is on and my hands are shaking like mad!

The recipe made a huuuge amount of cookies...think I had about 30 in the plenty to practice on. Have a look at my piccies...I don't think they are a bad first attempt but definitely something I want to keep practicing. I sooo want them to look as perfect as they do in the book!!


  1. Your cookies look gorgeous, you certainly wouldn't know you were a royal icing novice. It's not something I've tried properly either but I'd like to have a go soon. My "to bake" list is getting so long!

  2. Thank you :) ooo yes Jo you should definitely have a go! I know what you mean tho - My 'to bake' list is massive too - I have a huuuge pile of recipe books on my coffee table with lots and lots of pages booked marked!

  3. They look very pretty! Lovely job!

  4. they look a delight to behold. Too good to eat!

  5. Oh wow they are pretty. Perfect icing!