Monday, 13 February 2012

Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies

I had a day off last Friday so as Valentines Day was around the corner and Karl loved my attempt at sugar cookies so much the last time I made them, I thought I would give them another go.

Obviously for the theme of Valentine's Day I went for a heart shaped cookie. It did cross my mind before I started that a heart shape looks easier to ice than the butterfly shape I used last time (hooray!). To be honest though I ended up getting distracted and then I got a bit behind and I had plans in the evening so the whole day just felt a bit rushed! The outline was a bit easier to pipe (I still need alot more practice!) but I couldnt seem to get the consistancy of the royal icing quite right and on some cookies it just didnt flood right, plus I really wanted to spend alot more time decorating them but just didnt have the time..hey ho...they still look quite cute and Karl has eaten nearly all of them in 2 days so they can't have been that bad.

Still lots of room for improvement me thinks - I don't feel as though I have quite perfected the technique just yet! I had a trip to the cake shop on Saturday and bought myself a new piping nozzle which is alot thinner than the one I've been using and looks better made as well. Fingers crossed this will help...hmmm what shape cookie to try next?!!

Anyways..I hope you all have a fab Valentines Day whatever you've got planned! My lovely Karl is apparently cooking stir fry for my tea and we've bought a scrummy looking Gu dessert for afters (well I have to have a day off from baking sometimes!).


  1. They look lovely and the different shades of pink are great. :-) Bet they taste yummy!

  2. These look beautiful - love the little dots around the edge

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