Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Fondant Iced Cupcakes

This was my first attempt at icing cupcakes with fondant. Normally I love cupcakes covered in lashings of butter cream but I've seen lots of pretty cupcakes decorated with just fondant and pretty flowers and desperately wanted to try it myself. I did worry they might be too dry but I managed to sneak a thin layer of butter cream and jam underneath the fondant which helped, and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised, a nice change from the normal butter creamy swirly ones I normally do. I definitely will be trying these again with some different flower designs.

I realised as I got all my ingredients together that I hadn't actually got any white cupcake cases, so went with a red theme having got quite a few red cupcake cases left over from Christmas.

I finally got round to using the embossing mat that I bought months ago and was impressed with the lovely paisley print it gave the fondant. I also got round to using the rose mould that again, I bought months ago. It was super easy to use and produced these really cute little roses.

I hope everyone had a good Easter? I had a super busy 4 days...on the Friday morning I went to a lovely relaxing Yin Yoga class and got all blendy and blissful as our teacher, Kirsty, likes to call it for the weekend. In the afternoon I made these cupcakes, although perhaps I should have made something a bit more easter-y?! Saturday and Sunday were filled with a bit of gardening - mowing and re-seeding our lawn and DIY with Karl putting pictures up round the house and me following with the Dyson. Finally, on Monday my lovely friend Jenny and I went on a little road trip to Chester where we had a mooch around the shops and afternoon tea...I will leave you with a couple of piccies of our feast - it was all so scrummy!


  1. Ahh thanks! Oo you should learn :) I love making little cupcake creations! x

  2. These look so pretty, I like the embossing technique. I love the flavour of fondant icing with a plain sponge too as it reminds me of birthday cakes when I was little.

  3. Ooo reminds me of that too! Except I never used to like fondant icing when I was little so any birthday party I went to and got given a goody bag with a piece of cake in it was passed straight onto my mum! I love it now though..I could eat the fondant on its own!