Sunday, 31 October 2010

Ginger Cupcakes

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

I couldn't resist baking something halloween related this year so here they are...lovely ginger cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery book with scary sprinkles on the top. I was gonna go all out and buy some cutters and make some large halloween decorations for the top but as I haven't been too well lately these pumpkin and bat sprinkles had to make do.

I love anything with ginger in and these cupcakes taste amazing. There is stem ginger, ground ginger and treacle in the cake mixture and the syrup from the stem ginger mixed into the butter cream..yum. I've just been snacking on one for my breakfast and am comtemplating the possibility of having another..mmmm! My friend suggested I give these out to trick or treaters calling at my house tonight. I think I may have to switch the lights off and pretend I'm not in..these are far too good to give away!

PS Apologies for the slightly blurry piccies at the camera seems to be having problems focusing. Maybe I'll have to ask father christmas for a shiny new one :)


  1. Love the sprinkles, I think they suit the ginger cupcakes just fine. Hope you feel better soon Hun ;0)

  2. Loving the sprinkles :)

    Katie xox

  3. Totally agree, the sprinkles are wonderful.

    Recipe sounds great too (I'm a sucker for ginger!)

  4. Ohhh, that frosting looks so good...I've never had anything with that much ginger in it, but you make these sound delicious!

  5. Ahh thank you everyone :)
    Yes you would think that maybe it would be a bit of a ginger over load but although you could taste the ginger it wasnt at all over powering!