Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Lady Grey Cupcakes

Cupcakes are back on my blog...hooray! It's been aaaage since I made a batch of cupcakes and I've really missed these tasty little treats!

This is a recipe I've been wanting to make for awhile be fair, more out of curiosity then for a love of tea. I'm not a massive tea drinker...I'll maybe have the odd cup of green tea every so often but I don't think I've ever really bought 'proper' teabags!

This recipe is from the Primrose Bakery cupcake book and calls for Earl Grey teabags. Now call me stingy if you want but I really didn't want to waste my pennies on 40 tea bags, 4 of which I would use for these cakes and the remainder of which would be shoved to the back of my cupboard never to be seen again, so my lovely friend at work who is a lover of tea donated 4 of her Lady Grey tea bags instead.

The tea bags are put into hot milk for half an hour to infuse and then this milk is added to a vanilla cupcake mixture along with some almond extract. I didn't really know what Lady Grey tea tasted like but as soon as I put the bags into the hot milk I could smell a lovely citrus aroma..I couldn't wait to try these cupcakes! The cupcakes were then iced with vanilla butter cream.

I didn't think I would like these cupcakes as much as I did. I thought they would either taste too much of tea or be too bland. They were neither of these...the taste of tea was very subtle and you could really taste the almond extract - this combined with the vanilla buttercream made for a lovely cupcake. A nice change to plain vanilla!


  1. I love those little flowers. So adorable!

    I'm having a give away over at my blog! You should pop over and enter :)

    Katie xox

  2. Ahh thank you :) I bought some daisy cutters recently and these were my first experiement with them! I'm quite pleased with them!

    I have posted on your competition blog entry...i hope it counts if i link back to you in this comment..

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  3. Great looking cupcakes, love the colour of the icing.

  4. Hi,

    Those are cute...:)


  5. Your cupcakes look utterly adorable x

  6. They are so beautiful and way too pretty to eat but I wouldn't be able to help myself ;) I have a blog award for you if you would like to stop by my blog, when you have time. :)