Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Housewarming Party and Vanilla Cupcakes

This weekend just gone we attended a housewarming party. It was held by the lovely Amy from Miss Jones Talks Makeup in celebration of her moving into a gorgeous new home. Please have a look at her blog - its full of fab tips on make up and product reviews.

Well, no housewarming party is complete without a batch of cupcakes so I got baking and whipped up some vanilla cupcakes. They are decorated with baby pink vanilla butter cream, a sugar flower and white glitter. I love this little cutter...incase you didn't notice I also used it for the flowers on the Vanilla Layer Cake.

It is a recent purchase and although a tad on the pricy side was well worth it. I will be getting alot of use out of it. It came as a little set with a metal cutter and a mould to give the veining details. They had all sorts of different flowers but this is the petunia. I used white flower paste for these flowers and then used a pink dust to give them the colour and put a silver ball in the centre. Don't they just look so cute!

A good time was had by all at the party and the cupcakes seemed to go down well. Thanks Amy for a fab night!


  1. These look awesome. Yum!

  2. Awww these look so pretty! Would be perfect for Mother's day cupcakes! All your decorations always look so gorgeous.

  3. they were delicious! i had 3 : ) xxxx

  4. i just made some cupcakes and they didn't look anything like yours :)


  5. They are soooo pretty - too pretty to eat - in fact I'd struggle and perhaps just smuggle some home to admire :)

  6. Ahh thank you for your lovely comments :) its so nice to get some feedback from people :) thanks for taking the time to read my blog xxx