Sunday, 13 March 2011

Spring Cake

Well spring has definitely sprung for me! Everywhere I go I'm seeing daffodils and crocus's...I love spring cos it means summer is only just around the corner. Ok its still rather cold out there but fingers crossed it will start warming up a little soon!

In celebration of spring, the next cake I had to make for class was a spring cake. The teacher showed us various models we could make - sheep and ducks etc but I decided to put a lovely little bunny on my cake. The sponge was madeira with vanilla butter cream and raspberry jam. I really do need to find myself a better cake recipe for this - although this cake was ok, it wasn't anything amazing. I used sugar paste squeezed through a garlic press to give the grass effect and made little flowers and carrots and attached them with edible glue.

This is definitely my best cake yet - the finish on the fondant was lovely and smooth and I am definitely improving at making models. The only thing I really do need to practice at is rolling my fondant out - we cut into this cake and it was about an inch thick! Karl and I love fondant so it wasn't such an issue but I'm not sure other people would be of the same opinion!
Practice makes perfect though!


  1. wow Cat that cake looks so cute. It looks really profesional, you should be really proud of yourself.

  2. so pretty ! Love the bunny and the carrots. Well done


  3. This cake is too cute! It looks so professional.

  4. Wow! How sweet, it must of taken you ages. Far too cute to eat, I hope you are keeping the wee topper.

  5. Ahh thank you all for your comments..I am very proud of this cake and how cute it looks. I was going to keep the topper but wasnt really sure what to do with it and then i knocked its arm off so in the end decided it had to go! A bit of a shame but I'm sure there will be other opportunities to make another!