Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Vanilla Cupcakes and Nelson's 2nd Birthday

When I got invited to Nelson the dogs 2nd birthday party my brain starting working overtime thinking of ideas for themed cupcakes to take along to the party. Of course the party was more of an excuse for everyone to get together, have a natter and eat cake than a birthday party but Nelson seemed to love all the attention from everyone!

After much pondering I decided to stick with a vanilla cupcake. I used the recipe from the Love Bakery book - I love this recipe! It is by far the best vanilla cupcake recipe I have tried! I bought a little doggy bone and a little doggy paw cutter for the sugar decorations and kept to a blue and white theme. The only slight problem I encountered was colouring the butter cream - I wanted it to match the blue of the paws and bows but it hadn't crossed my mind that butter cream is off white....I ended up with green butter cream..panic!! I added a tad more of the colour and it seemed to right itself but ended up being a slightly darker shade - no one seemed to mind though as they tucked in!

Sorry about the poor pictures - I was literally running out the door with my cake box when I realised I hadn't taken any pictures!


  1. oh these are so cute! I adore the white and blue scheme :) So much effort for the dog's birthday party, love it!
    btw we cooked the tuna spag dish too, minus the olives and really enjoyed it.

  2. oooh where did you get the cutters from?!

  3. The cutters are adorable! The colour scheme works really well too!

  4. Ahh thank you very much :)

    I think i got the cutters from

    I was trying to find the email they sent me to confirm the order but i cant find it. I'm 99% sure it was this company i ordered from! They have quite a good selection of cutters :)

  5. Fantastic! I like the colour of the icing too, nobody need ever know they were a touch darker than planned lol. You did a great job, I'm not surprised everyone loved them.